10 Reasons Why Bottle Openers Are The Perfect Marketing Tool

1. They last a lifetime

Our bottle openers are British made using solid cast iron, one of the hardest materials you could make a bottle opener from. We are so confident that our bottle openers will last a lifetime that they come with a lifetime guarantee. Your company name will be on these bottle openers for a lifetime. 
POS Cast Iron Bottle Openers

2. They are used often

Bottle openers are a tool that is used very frequently. Not only used for beer but also any soft drink with a crown cork top that needs a bottle opener to remove it. It means your company name is branded in iron for all to see every time it is used.

3. They fit on your keyring

These cast iron traditional bottle openers are made to fit onto a keyring and be carried on your person. That means the bottle opener is available to use at all times and easily assessable. These bottle openers will be used time and time again for decades.

4. Guys Love A Beer

If you are looking for a unique promotional gift suitable for the men then this is a solid vintage bottle opener that has that feel of quality. Originally made in the 1920's, these patterns were made for men who liked a beer.
Crown Cork Vintage Iron Bottle Opener

5.They are cool - vintage appeal

Being manufactured from original 1920's and 30's patterns they are authentic and carefully crafted to represent the originals in fine detail. This makes them super cool and we are sure they will be as collectable in the future as the original branded ones still are today. Appealing to the current trend for vintage gifts these bottle openers will give your brand the edge when it comes to promotional giveaways.

6. They are quirky - not your standard cheap bottle opener that breaks

Manufactured in the UK and cast from solid cast iron these heavy duty bottle openers will stand the test of time, keeping your name current at the same time. The high-quality finish will represent your company as a classic which is made to last, just as these are.
Made In Britain Foundry Casting Bottle Openers

7. They are handmade 

We take care of every order to ensure your company is represented well, by hand making the openers in the traditional way we ensure an authentic appeal. There is the option for wording on both sides of the handle, one for the company name and one for your tag line.
The British Bottle Opener Company

8. People will talk about them

People love to talk about a unique and authentic item and these cast iron bottle openers have been collectable since they were first produced. Your personally branded company bottle opener is highly likely to become a sought-after collectable item. There are not many cheaply made bottle openers that will stand the test of time the way these British bottle openers will.

Personalised POS Branded Cast Iron Bottle Openers

9. They will travel

The small hole at the end of the handle means that they can easily be attached to a keyring and carried around permanently. People will walk around with your company name permanently with them and used everytime they want to open a bottle. If it's your branded beer they are opening even better. But if not it's nice to know they will think of your company brand as they quench their thirst.
British Made Cast Iron Bottle Openers

10. They are British Made quality 

As a British manufacturer or quality cast iron homeware, we know what we're talking about when it comes to making beautiful ironmongery that lasts. We take care with everything we produce to ensure you get the best possible authentic reproduction. You can rest assured that you won't find a better traditionally made classic cast iron branded bottle opener.